Case Studies

St. Mary Ely

No-one had looked at the Pupil Premium cohorts to look at their real needs. In addition, the school was faced with a brand new senior leadership, issues with teaching, and data that was very much in the red.

In the article below, Daniel Sobel discusses five lessons for effective whole-school Pupil Premium strategies and explores their use within a case study involving St.Mary Ely School.

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Richmond Hill School

"The raft of challenges facing Richmond Hill School made narrowing the gap seem like an outrageous challenge. However, by tackling the barriers that prevent pupils from being ready to learn, among other strategies, the school is making huge strides..."

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Kippax Ashtree School, Leeds

We worked with Kippax Ashtree School to deliver a one-day intensive Pupil Premium Review and access to our Pupil Premium Handbook. As a direct outcome, and in recognition of their work with us on their Pupil Premium management, the School was awarded a Department for Education financial Award of £1,000.

Head teacher Amanda Campbell told us “We have just received a DfE for the Pupil Premium work we have done. The action plan we developed with you was part of the process to evidence our approaches – and now we are eligible for a larger award. We just wanted to say thank you.”

A Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust

In the Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust we worked with a school in receipt of a warning letter from the Department for Education for their Pupil Premium management. Again, our one-day intensive review combined with the online Pupil Premium Handbook has seen a transformation over only a short period of time, with the re-assessment of their Pupil Premium provision and work garnering a positive review on revisitation.

The Executive Head Teacher who was brought in by the Trust to tackle the issues, said, “The day with Daniel and his team was wonderful – we would never have identified the underlying problems or come to key conclusions on our own. I was genuinely concerned about how we were going to tackle the issues, but I feel confident now that the plan we have will get us where we need to be”.

As a result of her recommendation, the Trust invited us to run a project with all of their schools, and we were recently asked to offer this to the wider Diocese in the area. We are providing a combination Pupil Premium and Sen review together with collaborative workshops for community stakeholders and head teachers.

Two Schools in the London Borough of Newham

Inclusion Expert Associates worked with two schools in Newham, who shared similar serious problems with SEN and Inclusion. Each school needed rigorous, intensive and detailed plans to effectively create entire new systems, up-skill staff at all levels from classroom TAs to senior leaders, and ensure they were compliant with their legal obligations. But most importantly they wanted us to help them ensure they could support all their pupils in making genuine progress.

We applied our unique methodology to the initial review process to devise an exhaustive implementation plan for each school. And by sending in a combination of highly skilled experts to work in the schools over several months, we succeeded in transforming practice from not even legally compliant to working towards true best practice.

Out of the work with these schools we have devised further online resources currently in development, which will enable schools to record the training and development of their staff as they improve Inclusion across their schools.